Know about Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Charges, Weight, and Size Allowed

An intelligent tourist will choose a flight that provides economical fares. Spirit Airlines has already created a special position in the aviation industry. However, there are many things you must consider while booking a Spirit flight ticket. If you make Spirit Airlines reservations, ensure you have taken care of the online check-in baggage fee, dimensions, and maximum weight. Online checked baggage fee is affordable, but if you book checked baggage at the airport just ahead of the flight boarding, you need to pay more, but you will get less facility. 

That eventually indicates they are making a loss in making flight bookings offline. But you can preserve your money extensively with Spirit Airlines. More particularly, you can protect your cash on checked bags if you select Spirit Airlines for travel. You will get complete information about the baggage fee, size, and maximum weight allowed through Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy. 

Is Spirit Airline giving a Checked Bag Facility? 

Spirit Airlines will permit every flyer to fly with checked baggage, and the airline will ask for payment for such service. Now you also want to know about the baggage fees that Spirit Airlines will charge the consumers. Well, the airline decides the baggage fees according to the weight and dimension of the checked baggage. The bigger dimension and weight will because you more cost, so we give you a suggestion that, if possible, then please come with a bag with a weight that doesn’t exceed the standard weight. 

But people flying with tiny bags don’t require paying additional because Spirit Airlines permit one tiny carrying bag if it comes under the maximum allowed weight and dimensions. Users can bring a bag with dimensions of 18x14x8 (length, breadth, and height, respectively) inches. 

What Are the Charges That You Need to Spirit Airlines for Checked Baggage? 

Two aspects decide the charges for checked baggage on Spirit Airlines: 

The first one is the bags’ number and the second one is the bags’ size. Moreover, if your carry-on bag exceeds the dimension of 22x18x10 inches, then the airline will treat it as a checked bag and may ask you for 50 to 55 USD at the airport. 

However, if you book the flight online, you only need to pay only 41 USD.

Here are the baggage fee according to the type and size: – 

TYPE OF BAGGAGEAt the time of Booking (Standard Fare)At the time Booking ($9 Fare Club)Prior to Online Check-In (Standard Fare)At the time Online Check-In ($9 Fare Club)
Carry-On Bag31 USD40 USD41 USD50 USD
1st Checked Bag25 USD35 USD36 USD45 USD
2nd checked bag35 USD45 USD46 USD55 USD
3rd-5th checked bag80 USD90 USD91 USD100 USD

How Can You Save Huge Money on Checked Baggage on Spirit Airlines? 

If you want to get a discount on Spirit checked bags or save cash, you can opt for Spirit $9 fare club membership. It is a premium membership that lets you spend less on Spirit Checked baggage. 

The annual subscription comes with 70 USD and allows users to protect nearly 10 USD on every baggage. If you bring 4 checked baggages with the $9 fare club, you can defend almost 40 USD. That indicates users can earn back the subscription changes in their 2-3 flight bookings in which you bring three or four checked baggage. Please go through the entire baggage policy of Spirit Airlines for more clarity and gains.