Privacy & Policy ensure that entire information that customer provide us is secure and damage free in our hands. We emphasize on giving utmost contentment to all our users or consumers. We acknowledge the importance of customer’s information safety. Hence we take accountability to safeguard customer’s details. We are grateful that all our subscribers and consumers count on us. We present our website’s privacy policies here and it will provide you all the clarity that you need. You can understand the true information and no doubtful situation after understanding our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy contains an accurate procedure for information and details gather of the users. We assemble all crucial details of our subscribers and patrons in different methods. Our clients offer majority of their details and some of them are not from them. Therefore we notify customers that we acquire all of their information and utilize it in accordance with the applications. But, we guarantee that their data is not subject to disclose and misuse. We strictly prohibit any data theft as our cyber team is authentic to protect all the data.

We urge each user or subscriber of our website to understand rules, regulations and policy. Once you are familiar with all such terms and conditions you will not bother by any problems. If customer finds our privacy policy unacceptable and inappropriate, they can stop subscribing our website. In case, our user stay in our website and still browsing our service, it naturally shows that he/she accepts our rules and regulations. We have round the clock customer care department to remove all suspicion and resolve your issues. Hence you can communicate with customer support when you need any explanation.

Protection and Safety Measures Of Information

We ensure that entire information of our users in our website has all the protection from our side. We memorize that customer’s personal information is highly crucial to them. When we gather data through booking procedure, we continue to make website better for safe browsing. Hence we don’t indulge any third entity to utilize our database and server. If anything awkward happens with user while account access, they can register their grievance online and we will give remedy as quick as we can.

The eminent goal of our website is to protect our subscriber’s details. We utilize extremely latest technological and enterprises protection protocols to defend our subscriber’s data. Our website prohibits the user information access to other users. It means that only you can view your data and nobody else can see it. Our deft and extremely well versed crew personnel will provide you optimum service can access your details for any help that you may require with your consent.

We may utilize your essential information for

  • Account management
  • Giving you travel confirmation and updates
  • Delivering accurate alerts
  • Interactions with users
  • Delivering services and products works hard to safeguard the confidential data you supply. For us, a user's contentment is paramount. We do comply with several digital, operational, and physical security protocols to maintain your information secure with us.

Process of Data Collection

  • Website can gather your important information by 2 methods
  • The first way is if customer delivers important details at the time of booking such as contact number, address, date of birth, name and email Id.
  • The second technique is not giving any direct message to the users and gather essential details such as IP, system, cookies and demography of the user where he browse our website

What is The Reason that We Gather User’s Data?

We accumulate information for consumer’s comfort to enhance our server and database security. The core intention of data compilation is to know the completion of airline flight booking procedure accurately. The information facilitated us in observing frequent questions and problems associated to airlines. It will help us to apply different methods to handle the similar and boost our service and functionality.