Spirit Flight Cancellation, Change, and Refund Policy

Spritflight.com maintains the right to offer changes to all flight bookings. However, in many circumstances, you need to communicate with the airline in a straight line.

Spirit Airlines impose charges for all modifications in the flight ticket. The flight ticket alteration fee is different from the class of booking. Remember that the ticket change fee is non-refundable if you terminate the ticket.

If you revise your flight ticket, you will have to make payment of the gap amount on the earlier and new flight. But if the new airfare is less than the earlier fare, you will not get any refund, but the charges remain similar.

As per the flight change charge policy, the airline asks for a non-refundable fee per passenger within a domestic flight. We will gather the users' fees when we make any changes to tour plans. We will also gather a gap in the airfare when any changes in the flight occurred.

In many situations, some flight tickets are not subject to change. You can also call airline customer care straightforwardly.

The airline will charge a certain amount for flight ticket modification offline and at the airport counter.

Domestic air ticket charges are different from international flight tickets. So please read the instructions before any change or cancellation.

Cancellation Policy of Spirit Flight

Users making all flight bookings can also avail of cancellation but must pay a fee. Such cancellation amount differs by flight and class of booking.

Many flight tickets are non-refundable according to the particular airline's policy. The fee user will pay is non-refundable if any user cancels such ticket or the airline cancel the same.

Plane ticket cancellation online:

Users can cancel flight tickets through Spirit Airlines' website and mobile app. You must act as per guidelines available on the website and mobile app for online cancellation.

Flight ticket cancellation via offline

Spirit Airlines also provide an offline cancellation process by phone. Moreover, you can also cancel your ticket at the airport counter. But the offline cancellation fee is greater than the online one.

The flight ticket cancellation for domestic flights with Spirit Airlines differs from the international flight. Get detailed information about the airline's cancellation charges for domestic and international flights from the authorized website. We will entertain only telephonic, online, and airport counter customer support for ticket cancellation.

You might require communicating with the airline straightforwardly to cancel your online air ticket if you wish to cancel the ticket less than 3 hours before the flight takes off.

Always contact the airline for ticket cancellations if you have done web check-in or phone check-in. Spritflight.com cannot make any refund process for a similar situation. Moreover, we don't take any liability for similar actions.

The entire convenience fee for booking is non-refundable. The airline has full authority to deduct charges when you apply for a refund on a similar PNR straight with the airline.


It is mandatory to contact Spritflight.com for all refunds, as the airline will not be able to refund your tickets booked at Spritflight.com.

Please inform Spirit Airlines of all refunds that you want to claim. The airline will refund your booked flight at our site.

If you apply for a refund against your canceled ticket, please deliver the ticket, and we will apply it to the respective airline for a refund. The airline is not responsible for any loss and damage to your ticket and will not process any refund.

The refund and cancellation process time and the fee are different from other airlines.

We will only process the refund after the airline approves your refund application. We may charge some amount for a refund. If the airline terminates any refund, then we are not liable to give any refund on our behalf. Regarding almost the similar purpose, you can get in communication with the airline immediately.