Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Are you traveling these days? Unexpected, changes in plans can happen while travelling. It may be due to personal reasons. Or it may happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Learning about the airline's cancellation policy is important

In this write-up, we will learn about Spirit cancellation policy. It is a popular low-cost carrier in the United States.

Overview of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is famous for its affordable fares. As a low-budget airline, it offers many competitive prices. But they also have specific rules. That are must to adhere by the passengers.

Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines has a different cancellation policy. It differs from traditional airlines. These are some facts to know:

  • 24-Hours of Grace Period: Spirit Airlines provides a grace period of 24 hours. If a passenger wants cancel their bookings. They do not charge any extra fees. This allows tourist to amend or cancel the tickets. Within 24 hours of booking. That too without penalty.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets: Almost all the tickets of Spirit Airlines are non-refundable. In case you must cancel your tickets after the grace period. You will not get a refund. But they will offer credit for your future travel.
  • Flight Changes: Changes to your flight option is provided by Spirit Airlines. For example; changing the date or time. They charge fee as per passenger per segment. The cost varies depending on when the change is made. And what is the fare type.
  • Cancelling Flights: In any case you decide to cancel the tickets. After the grace period, you will not get a refund. But they will provide travellers with a credit voucher. It known as "Future Travel Credit" (FTC). It can be used for future flights with Spirit Airlines. But there is a specified period.
  • Special Circumstances: In some cases, for example; death of a family member (immediate). Or a military deployment, they may consider it as an exception to their cancellation policy. Passengers must contact the customer service of the airlines. To get help in these situations.

Situations When Airline Delay or Cancel Flight

Sometimes, the airline must cancel spirit flight. Or they can also delay it. The customer should handle those circumstances. Such as;

  • The tickets are cancelled because of bad weather (airline will not cost any charges).
  • You must receive an advance notice in this case.
  • Notice should state the reason for cancellation.
  • They will provide you an option to fly on the next flight. At the same destination.
  • Traveller may or may not avail the offer.
  • Passengers can also demand the refund from the airline. But customer should follow the guidelines when spirit cancelled my flight.

What are Refundable Tickets?

Although, almost all the tickets of Spirit Airlines are non-refundable. They do have few refundable tickets. But those need some extra fee. These types of tickets offer more flexibility. It also allows passengers to receive a refund. In any case if someone has to cancel their flight.

Cancellation Fee Based on Time

The cancellation fees are s charged. But it varies based on time.

  • In case, you have cancelled it with 24 hours of buying. No extra charges will be deducted.
  • No fees will be charged. If you have cancelled more than 60 days before the departure.
  • $49 will be charged. If you cancel it 7 to 59 days before departure.
  • $99 will be charged. If you cancel it under 6 days of departure. As per spirit flight cancellation policy.

How to Cancel a Flight Ticket?

Want to cancel a flight ticket? One can do it by visiting their website. Or by contacting their customer service. It is recommended to cancel your tickets as early as possible. To prevent paying any extra fees.

  • Phone Number to call the Spirit Airline Agent: 855-728-3555
  • In case the above number is unreachable: +1-800-865-1848.

What is Future Travel Credit (FTC)?

When you cancel your flight after spirit 24-hour cancellation time. You will get a credit voucher known as "Future Travel Credit" (FTC). It can be used for any future flights with Spirit Airlines. But there will be a specified period.

Note: Please note that the credits or FTC are non-transferable points. It can be used by the customer only.

More Considerations

At the time of cancelling a flight with Spirit Airlines. Because it may vary. And can depend upon factors. Such as; price of the tickets, destination, and travel dates. Any add-ons or extra fee might not be refundable or transferable.

Contacting Customer Service

It is advised to contact Spirit Airlines customer service. In case, you have any queries. Or you need help. With relation to their cancellation policy. Based on your circumstances. The professionals will be capable to give you an accurate information. Always remember to carefully read the airline's cancellation guidelines. Before making a flight reservation. Making educated judgments is important. To avoid any unforeseen costs or hassles. Do read the terms and conditions always.

Changes on a Same-Day Flight

Spirit Airlines has a Same-Day Flight Change option. If you need to change your flight. But on the day of travel. But travellers must pay an extra charge. It will be different from the spirit cancellation fee. They can also change to a flight that departs on the same day. Have you learnt everything about spirit airlines flight cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy for Spirit Saver$ Club

Spirit Airlines has a membership club termed Spirit Saver$ Club. Here you will be offered several advantages. Such as; lower rates and waived fees. Customers of this program might have access to a variety of cost schedules. And they might get different cancellation policies. But it is important to learn the rules and regulations. Before singing-up for the membership.


Are you flying with Spirit Airlines? It is crucial to be informed about any modifications. About the Spirit Airlines' cancellation policy. Airlines change their rules. Particularly under unusual situations. Or significant industry-wide events. Does offer spirit airlines 24-hour cancellation grace period? Read this blog. You will learn many details.