Pet Policies for Dogs, Rabbits, Cats, and Birds on Spirit Airlines

Pet lovers may not think a single minute absence of their pet. However, sometimes they can’t bring pets everywhere. The moment of leaving your pet away from you is dreadful. But don’t fret if you have made a travel plan through flight travel. Every pet admirer has separate motives for leaving their pets for a couple of days. But sparing your pets is not a good idea when a trip is lengthy. 

Even if you hand over your pet to someone, you might not enjoy your trip without them. But positive information is that Spirit Airlines flights and other airlines have a great pet policy for passengers. Now you can travel with your adored cat, rabbit, bird or dong on Spirit Airlines. 

Yes, you hear it right; Spirit Airlines permits passengers to fly with their pets. But there are some rules, clauses and restrictions that everyone should follow. Such rules, terms and conditions are present in the spirit airline pet policy. 

It is time to discuss the policy so that every pet lover can benefit from it. 

 If you arranged to commute with your pet through Spirit Airlines travel within and around the US, you would admire the Spirit Airlines pet policy. The airline has already made a mark in the industry by providing passengers with cost-effective plane tickets and maximum facilities. The mega-affordable Spirit Airlines permits travellers to board the flight in a pet carrier below the passenger seat. 

Is Spirit Airlines Giving Permission to All Pet Entry 

Because of some security motives and to ensure a bother-less passenger’s journey, Spirit Airlines don’t allow all types of pets on the carrier. It is significant to tell which pets get permission to board Spirit Airlines. Pets with petite sizes are allowed to enter the airline and flight. Dogs, birds (tiny), rabbits and cats can fly with passengers. These pets must fit in the pet carrier and should place under the traveller’s seat. Passengers must ensure that the pet is non-violent, fit, healthy and small in size. 

The pet’s dimension is significant when you organize a trip that brings your pet too. Please ensure that the dimension of the pet and pet carrier must not exceed 18x14x9 (length*width*height) inches. Pet needs to sit calmly and go comfortably inside the carrier. Moreover, contact Spirit airlines customer care to get permission to fly with your pet, including a dog, rabbit, bird or cat.

Pets That Will Not Get Permission to Fly 

Big-sized pets have been barred from the airlines because of the misfit in size and inconvenience to fellow tourists. Moreover, Spirit Airlines has prohibited the entry of pets like buffalo, cows, monkeys, Snakes, horses and deer. Moreover, turtles, spiders, rodents and other harmful organisms have no permission to travel in the Spirit or many other airlines.

How Can I Include a Pet in Flight Booking? 

Now you wish to reserve a seat for your pet, so understand all points with utmost care. Well, you need not do anything like that. But in such conditions, the airline will charge an additional amount for your flight travel with a pet. There is no concept of reserving a seat for a pet on any airline, including Spirit Airlines booking and offers. The reason is that pets are not permitted to hold any passenger seat on Spirit Airlines. Every pet needs to keep underneath the front seat. However, you may communicate with Spirit Airline customer service for a deep understanding of any seat reservation for your pet if possible.

Fees for Pet Travelling According to Spirit Airlines 

Irrespective of all pets that are permissible to board the flight, passengers need to pay the same amount. Charges for kittens, puppies, small rabbits, pigeons and others, you need to make 110 USD for all domestic flights. But we suggest contacting Spirit Airlines’ contact helpline for more accurate information. Before making a spirit airlines flight booking, understand the correct fee structure for pet travel on the flight. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for International Flights 

So far, Spirit Airlines policy allows the vacationer to travel with pets solely for domestic journeys. You need to visit other airlines for international flight booking with a pet. But we will suggest confirming everything through the authentic customer care department of Spirit Airlines. 

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Flying with your Pet on Spirit flight?

If you want to comfortably board the Spirit flight with your pet, please fulfil below explained criteria and terms:  

  • Single travellers can bring only one pet carrier. 
  • Spirit Airline permits passengers to bring the utmost 2 pets in the carrier, and pets must fit comfortably in the container. 
  • Spirit flight on the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto destinations doesn’t permit passengers to travel with birds. 
  • Pet must have proper cleanliness, healthy and peaceful attributes.  
  • The pet container must come under the size guidelines, and the pet should have a comfortable fit.
  • The pet’s age should not be lower than 2 months. 
  • Ensure that you carry the health and fitness certificate of your pet. Necessary vaccination certification is essential for you to provide airline. The need for a rabies vacation report is compulsory if you are heading towards Puerto Rico. 
  • It is totally the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the pet doesn’t hinder and create a nuisance during the check-in and inspection at the airport.
  • The total weight, including pet and container, must not exceed 18.14 kg or 40 pounds. 

*Important notes: 

Any hindrance, violation or malfunction to completing all rules and regulations according to Spirit airline’s pet policy lead to the termination of your pet’s journey on the flight.