What is the Process of a name change on Spirit Airline Tickets?

Suppose you booked a flight with Spirit Airlines and prepared for your journey, but suddenly you saw that the Spelling of your name was incorrect. What will you do in such a situation? Well, no tension when a name change facility is available on Spirit Airline tickets and you can do it easily. 

The wrong or misspelled name is the most generic issue that passengers unintentionally conduct during Spirit Airline Booking. Several airlines have many formalities and complications when name changing process comes. But fortunately, Spirit Airlines has drafted a seamless name change policy for users. Many passengers asked how to change their name on the Spirit Flight Ticket’ all answers are available on Spirit Airlines’ name change policy.  

Understanding Spirit Airline Name Change Policy?

The name modification policy of Spirit Airlines is effortless and hurdle free. But that will not indicate that you can alter your full name on the Spirit Flight. If a customer wants to change the name, there are many things involved. Maybe they want to alter one character in the name or complete name. But the complete name change feature is not available like other airlines. If you change the entire name, you may wish to transfer the ticket, which is not allowed by Spirit Airlines.

What happens When my Name has the wrong Spelling on the Spirit Flight ticket?

Well, don’t take stress if the error is slight in your name on the flight ticket. For example, if your real name on the Government-issued ID and certificate is “Michael john,” but the flight ticket contains Michael Jon, you can change your name. For the name change process, communicate with Spirit Airline customer care service with essential documents, including the Book Spirit Flight confirmation number. You also need to provide the flight departure and booking date. 

What Fees Airlines Demand to Change name on Spirit Airline tickets

When you want to change the name on Spirit Airlines flight tickets, the fees differ and depend on various aspects. The modification for one character and minor misspellings will not have any fee. However, a major name change demands a particular fee. But spirit Airlines’ name change policy doesn’t have any clarity regarding the full name change. Maybe it is not allowed, but you must interact with Spirit Airline’s customer care department for transparent information about it.

Can I Give My Spirit Ticket to Someone Else?

No. Your Spirit Airlines flight ticket cannot be transferred to another person. Just one designated passenger whose identity appears on the itinerary and who has made the reservation with Spirit may travel. The wisest course of action may be to terminate your Spirit airline ticket and receive a reimbursement instead of running the threat of being forced to let another individual use your reservation.

Name Change on Spirit Airlines Reservation: Necessary Documentation

Ringing the Spirit Airlines customer support phone number is an intelligent step to learn about the necessary documentation for a name change. Additionally, you can browse the authentic website to understand the whole process. Allow us to tell you the essential documentation you may require for Spirit airline name correction:- 

  • Passport
  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage License
  • Legal Name Change Document
  • Court Order
  • SSN

What is the Method of Changing a Passenger Name on a Spirit flight Ticket? 

Travelers cannot ignore the significance of essential documents when they wish to change their name on the spirit flight. Irrespective of your requirements, like changing your first name, last name, or one-tow character, you need to submit a minimum of one document. The Government must authorize the documents. The documents must contain your legitimate name, which you want in your ticket.

  • Please go through underneath sequence to change your name on the Spirit Airline ticket 
  • Please search for the authentic website of Spirit Airlines and type it into the internet browser 
  • Once the website has loaded fully, please find the ‘manage my Booking’ option.’     
  • Now type the passenger name and booking confirmation number in the assigned bracket 
  • A new page will appear with your itinerary information with a choice to modify 
  • Choose the edit booking option and make changes as per your need 
  • Now type the name according to the Government issued document that you want to change with the wrong name
  • Please attach and upload the necessary documents 
  • Spirit airlines will replace your name with the updated name within 2-3 working days after successful authentication 
  • Don’t forget to call Spirit Airline customer phone number, if you don’t get any response 

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