Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Spirit Airlines Minor Policy

Every parent is and scared at the prospect of their adorable child travelling alone. But there is nothing one can do when such an unfortunate circumstance arises. After all, you'll have to let your kid fly to the location with a heavy heart and prayers for secure and smooth travel on their lips.

Is it necessary for your youngster to fly solo with Spirit Airlines? If this is the case, you can rely on the best ultra-low-cost carrier to transport your child safely. To make things easier, you should be aware of Spirit Airline’s unaccompanied minor policy. Knowing specific rules, costs, and limits of unaccompanied adolescents can put you in good stead.

According to Spirit Airlines, who is an 'Unaccompanied Minor'?

Spirit Airlines considers children between the ages of 5 and 14 who are flying alone without being a known adult passenger on the same trip aged 15 and up to be "Unaccompanied Minors."

Spirit Airlines has an age need for unaccompanied minors flying alone.

Spirit Airlines permits certain ages of children to fly alone on direct flights to domestic destinations such as the United States Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico. But, the unaccompanied youngster is not permitted to fly alone on domestic flights requiring a change of aircraft, connecting flights, or foreign flights. Spirit Airlines goes out of its way to accommodate unaccompanied youngsters on board and keeps them engaged with snacks and drinks.

The following are the age requirements for unaccompanied minors travelling with Spirit Airlines:

4 Years and Under

Children aged 4 years and under are not permitted to fly alone on Spirit Airlines. Even if such youngsters are obliged to fly, they must be onboard by a passenger of at least 15 years of age. Such toddlers are too little to travel through the airport on their own, thus the airline treats them.

5-14 Years

Spirit Airlines enables children aged 5 to 14 to fly unaccompanied as young people, even if a mature traveller aged 15 and over is not present on the flight.

15 years and above

Spirit Airlines allows children aged 15 and above to fly alone without having to apply for the airline's unaccompanied minor service. But, if their parent or legal guardian requests it, the airline may give unaccompanied minors services to such minors. Children aged 15 and up will be required to produce a birth certificate or photo ID to the airline anytime their age is verified.

It should be noted that unaccompanied minors are not permitted to board international flights, connecting flights, or domestic flights that must a plane change on Spirit Airlines. Minors without an adult are only permitted on internal direct flights.

Unaccompanied Minor Fee on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines imposes a cost of $100 per passenger each way for unaccompanied minor service. The fees also include food and drinks for the youngster to be served on the flight. A roundtrip flight for an unaccompanied kid costs $200 (for a two-way trip). The service fee for unaccompanied minors is supplementary and must be paid also to the passenger's flight tickets.

Booking Process for Unaccompanied Minors on Spirit Airlines

Reservations for Spirit Airlines' unaccompanied minor flights can be made over the phone or electronically by accessing the company's official website or mobile app. The booking procedure is simple. The child's parent or guardian must submit information on the child's date of birth and fill out the necessary details about the youngster requested by the airline.

Following that, the child's status will be revealed, indicating whether the child is eligible to be an unaccompanied minor. In the case of an unaccompanied minor, the airline will pay a breakdown price, which the parent must accept if the child is travelling alone and unaccompanied minor service is necessary. As previously stated, the charge for a minor travelling alone is $100 one way and $200 altogether.

Unaccompanied minor reservations with Spirit Airlines can also be done over the phone. For this, you must contact Spirit Airlines directly or through a Fond Travels spirit agent to complete a hassle-free booking.

Unaccompanied minors boarding and pickup on Spirit Airlines


It is that the parent or legal guardian of an unaccompanied minor arrives at the airport at least one hour before the departure time of the Spirit Airlines flight. For the youngster to be for travel, the parent must fill out an Unaccompanied Minor Form and provide a photo ID at check-in. The completed form must be in the lanyard and worn by the child throughout the travel so that Spirit Airlines staff members on board the flight can identify the unaccompanied minor.

To avoid delays at the airport, it is that both the parent and the unaccompanied youngster arrive at the check-in area at least 90 minutes before the flight's departure. Also, the accompanying parent must have a government-issued photo ID and a gate pass to get through security and reach the unaccompanied minor boarding gate at the airport. The parent should also make certain that he or she remains at the airport until the aeroplane takes off.


To make the boarding process less stressful for unaccompanied youngsters, Spirit Airlines permits them to enter the plane during pre-boarding. If the unaccompanied youngster does not arrive for pre-boarding on time, they will be the last to board the plane if they arrive late. It is thus critical to arrive at the airport early to guarantee that boarding occurs on time and that your youngster is not inconvenienced.


The parent who has come to the airport to send off the unaccompanied youngster should stay at the airport for at least 15 minutes after the flight has taken off. The parent's presence is at the airport in case the plane experiences a technical issue and is to return to the gate.

Arrival and Pickup

When a Spirit Airlines flight arrives at its destination, a flight attendant accompanies the unaccompanied minor off the aircraft and hands the child over to a Spirit Airlines employee or an authorised person for pickup, as specified on the Unaccompanied Minor Form. To complete the picking process, the individual flying to the destination terminal to pick up the child ought to show up 30 to 60 minutes ahead of the flight's departure.

Unaccompanied minor documentation requirements

Spirit Airlines requires that all children, regardless of age, have their travel documents provided by a parent or legal guardian. A valid passport as proof of citizenship is required, as are visas. To prevent child abduction, Spirit Airlines may also request documentation of the minor's relationship with the individual accompanying him/her on the journey.

Spirit Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor Policy

You should not be if your youngster is flying alone with Spirit Airlines Flights. The airline's unaccompanied minor policy will come in handy for all concerned parents or legal guardians of such unaccompanied youngsters. Use this helpful guide the next time your young sweetheart is to fly alone without the actual presence of his loved ones. Spirit Airlines guarantees a safe and comfortable flight for your small child.

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