Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Savers Club Sale

Spirit $9 fare club

If you are a frequent (or even semi-frequent) traveller with a particular airline or hotel chain, you should always look for methods to save with that programme. Spirit $9 Fare Club gives you access to those savings.

In this essay, I'll explain what the $9 Fare Club is and how you can enjoy it. I'll also talk about whether it's worth it to join this club depending on the prospective savings.

What exactly is the $9 Fare Club?

The $9 Fare Club is a special subscription which enables you to save money on selected Spirit Airlines Flight fares as well as baggage costs for yourself and up to eight additional passengers.

What is the cost of the $9 Fare Club?

The Spirit 9-dollar Fare Club will cost you $59.95 to join, but they will try to take advantage of you.

This is due to the fact that one-year following yearly enrolment in the Club, and on each anniversary after that, members will be charged an annual cost of $69.95 for Club membership. As a result, the price increases by $10 for the second year.

You can get a 60-day trial membership for $19.95, but after that, you must pay the full $69.95 price. So this trial would cost you around $90 for 14 months, as opposed to $60 for 12 months with the ordinary membership.

$90 for 14 months equals $6.4 per month, whereas $60 for 12 months equals $5 per month, indicating that the trial results in less economical pricing, while it does allow you to test the waters for free.

To be honest, it is challenging to try something like this for two months.

The first reason is that two months is not enough time. Most people already know their travel plans for the next two months, so they should know how much they can save on carry-ons, checked baggage, and flights.

It's not like you're buying software with an experiential component that you may or may not enjoy. We're talking about consistent savings over a 60-day period. As a result, I'm not a big fan of the trial version.

Cancellation policy

You should be informed that Spirit Airlines has a stringent non-refundable cancellation policy.

Here are the cancellation terms:

According to Spirit, "We do not refund or prorate the membership if you decide to cancel." So, in this case, you should consider your future flying intentions to see if the programme would save you money.

Logging in to spirit.com and navigating to your My Account page is the simplest way to end your membership. If you do not cancel before the expiration date, your membership will be immediately renewed and you are responsible for the fees for the year that follows.

In the terms and conditions, I did come across a few fascinating terminology. Consider the instances following.

It's intriguing to me that they can change your credit card information using automated billing update programmes and that they are not required to tell you via email when they charge you annual fees.

This implies that you should be cautious when cancelling your membership to avoid being paid for a service you are not using.

How can I become a member of the $9 Fare Club?

You can join the Club by completing the form on this page. The form will request some basic information from you, such as:

You must then establish a password and input your contact information. You must enter your nearest airport, and if you need help locating your home airport, click here.

After that, provide your billing information and you'll be a member.

You can also join when you make your reservation. After entering your contact information for a booking, you should receive a pop-up for the $9 Fare Club with an opportunity to join.

When you go to enlist, you should already be a member of the FREE SPIRIT frequent flier programme. But, if you haven't already created an account, one will be created for you when you join the $9 Fare Club.

Click on “What is Spirit Airlines' $9 fare club?” to know more about it.

How does the Spirit Saver$ Club membership work?

The Spirit Saver$ Club membership is available as soon as the member signs up and becomes qualified for it. Members can instantly begin saving money on their journey by booking online. When a member searches for flights on the airline's website, the Spirit Saver$ Club pricing alternatives for the travel dates are listed on the Flight Availability page. Members will save money on typical online bag costs every time they buy bags online.

Benefits and perks of Spirit Airlines' $9 Fare Club

Members of Spirit Airlines' $9 Fare Club can save a lot of money on travel and luggage. Here's how you can benefit from saving money and comparing it to what other customers get.

You may expect to save roughly $9 on special airfare pricing and even more if you join the $9 Fare Club. When looking for flights, the $9 Fare Club routes are immediately visible on the weekly or monthly calendar display. However, in order to maximise savings, you will need to be somewhat flexible when selecting flight dates.

The $9 Fare Club membership is especially advantageous for people travelling in a large group or with a large family. The $9 Fare Club savings can be used to a single consumer as well as up to eight additional guests booked on the same itinerary. Depending on the airfare and baggage costs, there's a good chance of saving a few hundred dollars. This is where you stand to profit the most from the $9 Fare Club membership in terms of genuine value and savings. For example, if each customer saves on one carry-on and one checked bag for a roundtrip ticket, they can save $36 per passenger every round trip. For nine individuals travelling on the same reservation, the $324 discount is significant. As a result, the $9 Fare Club membership is extremely valuable, providing huge savings.

Spirit Airlines Inc. The $9 Fare Club Savings on carry-on bags

Spirit Airlines Inc. The $9 Fare Club Savings on checked luggage

when booking online:
Before you check in online:
During online check-in
Airport, group counter, and reservations:
At the gate:

Members of the $9 Fare Club will be able to save $9 on checked baggage fees across the board.

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Customers can join the club for $60 for the first year and $70 after that. Customers who join the $fare club can save money on airfare and baggage fees. Members of the $9 fare membership can save up to $75 per booking on average.

Checked Baggage Allowance on Spirit Airlines -

Standard Fees (During Online Check-In): $47 for the first bag, $55 for the second bag, and $95 for the third through fifth bags.

$9 Fare Club Fees (When Booking with Spirit.com)- $28 for the first bag, $36 for the second bag, and $76 for the third through fifth bags