How do I cancel my Spirit $9 fare Club membership?


Have you taken $9 club membership? Do you know how to cancel it? If you want to cancel your spirit airlines membership, then this post will guide you each and every detail about cancellation steps. There might be many reason because of which you have decided to cancel the membership.

The spirit airlines have given full-fledged right to customers to cancel their membership. You can easily cancel the membership with a few easy steps. But let us inform you that after cancelling the $9 membership you would lose access to many perks while Spirit Booking provided by the spirit airlines on behalf of this club membership.

$9 Fare club membership cancellation steps

The fare club membership can be cancelled if you are facing any issue in the service. The per year price of $9 membership is $59.95. There could be many reasons of cancelling the membership. If you are switching to some other place where there would be no access to spirit airlines, then you can stop the membership services to save your further card charges. So to discontinue the $9 membership you should read the following steps:

  1. Step: Login to your account: The first cancellation step is to login to your account. You have to login the spirit airlines account by putting the login details you have entered at the time of sign up. You cannot cancel your membership without logging into your account.
  2. Step: My account: After logging into your spirit airlines account, you have to go to My account page selection option. You need to follow these steps in sequence so that you can easily process the cancellation.
  3. Step: Find Savers$club: After selecting this option you have to find the savers $ club option. After my account, several options will display from which you have to find the Savers $ club option. Click on the savers $ club.
  4. Step: Follow the instructions: Several instructions to cancel your club membership will display. You have to go through each and every instruction. Now follow the instructions that will display on your screen to cancel the membership.
  5. Step: Click on Cancel option: After following the instructions, click on cancel option to successfully cancel the spirit $9 membership. Once you have clicken on cancel then your membership will be cancelled. After cancelling the membership, you won't be able to access perks of $9 membership while Spirit Flight Booking that are discussed below.

What access you lose after cancelling the $9 membership?

If you cancel the $9 membership, then you won't have access to many benefits that you could have earlier.

  1. After cancelling the membership, you will no more be able to book your flights on ultra-low price. The club members are given special discounts on booking their ticket but after withdrawing your membership from the spirit airlines you won't be able to use the ultra-low price of ticket.
  2. You will not be able to reserve the member only bag, seat and other benefits. After cancelling the flight, you will be able to access the exclusive services that are provided to $9 club members of Spirit Airlines. The exclusive services are provided to those only who have purchased the membership but after withdrawing that you won't be able to seat, bags and other perks.
  3. One thing you must remember before cancelling your membership is that the company do not provide any refund for cancelling the $9 club membership. So if you are expecting any return on behalf of cancelling the membership then you should acknowledge this nonrefundable policy of Spirit Airlines.

Kindly acknowledge all the above information before cancelling your flight. These points should be remembered by the members as you can lose access to various benefits provided to club members of the flight. You should note that you will not be able to use exclusive services that are provided by spirit airlines to $9 club members. Also if you are expecting refund then you should fix in mind that these memberships are nonrefundable. But still if you seek to have refund in any special case then you can once contact the spirit airlines company to enquire regarding the refund in any special case.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, you can cancel the membership within a few easy steps. The steps of cancellation step are given in this post. You should also understand the perks you will lose after cancelling your membership that are mentioned in this post. Kindly read all the steps appropriately to cancel the club membership. You can also change your name in case of spirit airlines wrong name on ticket. If you choose spirit airlines to travel to various places then you must read all the steps of name correction.