How do I change my payment method on Spirit Airlines?


Are you looking forward to changing the mode of payment in Spirit Airlines? Are you tense about the procedure of changing the payment method? The tutorial provided will help you in doing the same without any fuss. You will get to know each step whether it's to change the payment method, credit card information, or even if you are just curious to get the knowledge.

  1. Log in to the Spirit Airlines accounts you have

    First of all, we have to begin by logging into our account of airlines on the official website of the Spirit Airlines. If you do not have a previous account on this site, then no need to worry as you can sign up easily to the website by adding your all details. You can have access with this account, to all customer features of the airlines like payment methods, reservations, and much more.

  2. Access the “Manage Travel” Section

    After you log in to your Spirit Airlines account the next step should be to go to the “Manage Travel” section on the page. There you can edit any information like past reservations, payment information, etc.

  3. Locate your Booking:

    Now you have to be specific about the task and choose the booking for which you want to change the payment method. In this process, you may be asked to enter the reference number of the booking or you just have to choose between other bookings.

  4. Choose the “Change payment” option

    After selecting the particular flight you have to look for the “Change payment” option. The option may have other relative names but it may not be difficult to locate that. You have to click the option to proceed further.

  5. Enter new payment information

    After clicking on the change payment option you have to edit the details. You can change any information related to payment mode like debit card or credit card details, online payment, and more. Hence you should keep your focus at one point and recheck the information to leave no scope for mistake.

  6. Examine and affirm

    Examine is an important step that you should do properly if you check the card number, expiry date, and all then you won’t have to change it again. Hence you must be careful while editing the details so you won’t have to do it again.

  7. Check for change

    For your privacy and concern, Spirit Airlines can ask you for your account password, OTP, etc. to check whether it's you who is changing the information or any unauthorized access to your account.

  8. Verification

    You will get some message or popups from the site that says, your account information have been changed. Through this message, you can be confirmed about the payment method and can easily proceed with your bookings on the platform.

Changing information related to payment options on Spirit Airlines is not a tough task. You can easily change the information using the steps we have discussed so far till now. The website can be updated further hence you should seek the latest information about the process to get the correct information.

Payment options on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers many modes of payment to the user to make the process convenient for the user. There are several modes of payment that you can opt for while booking your next flight from Spirit Airlines. Here are some payment options provided on the website.

  1. Credit card: Spirit Airlines takes payment through credit card which is a convenient method for many. Some of the credit cards that are accepted by the airlines are Master card, discover, American Express, etc.

  2. Debit card: You can use your debit card to book your flight. Make sure that the balance on your card is enough for the transaction.

  3. PayPal: Spirit Airlines gives you an option to make your payment securely through PayPal. In just a few clicks your transaction will be done through the same.

  4. UATP (Universal air travel plans): Spirit Airlines accepts payments through UATP. Some travellers go for this option to book their flight on Spirit Airlines.

  5. Free spirit points: If you are a member of Spirit Airlines loyalty program then you might have some free spirit points. You can use them to make your next transaction.

To ensure a smooth payment option change there are several points that one should keep In mind like you should keep checking for updates, reviewing policies, and more. You should also double-check check information after entering to make no mistake. It's an easy process you just have to be a little patient.


The payment method in Spirit Airlines is easy to change and can be done in several clicks through your laptop or phone. If you follow the steps in this post then the process will be a piece of cake for you. Make sure to select the relevant option according to your preference.

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