How Do I Upgrade My Seats on Spirit Airlines?


Planning your next trip with Spirit Airlines and searching for both efficient and comfort? No worries! Spirit Airlines offers wallet-friendly fares, and this guide will show you how to boost your flight experience without breaking the bank.

Understanding Spirit Airlines' Seat Classes:

Before we explore ways to improve your in-flight coziness, let's know Spirit Airlines' two primary seat classes:

  1. Standard Seats: These seats come with your regular ticket and offer a decent amount of space for your journey.
  2. Big Front Seats: Placing at the plane's front, these seats provide extra legroom, wider seats, and a touch of luxury, ensuring a more acknowledge flying experience.

How to Upgrading to a Big Front Seat:

If you're craving a comfier and more spacious seat, consider upgrading to a Big Front Seat. Spirit Airlines allows passengers to purchase this upgrade during booking or later via the "Manage Travel" section on their website. Keep in mind that the upgrade cost varies based on your specific flight and seat ease of use.

Purchasing an Upgrade at the Airport

Missed your chance to upgrade when booking? Don't worry, you can still snag that upgrade at the airport. Just head to the Spirit Airlines ticket counter, and their friendly staff will assist you in securing an upgrade, but remember, it's subject to ease of use and might cost you extra, especially during busy travel times.

Utilizing the “Upgrade Anytime” Option

Have some dare? Try Spirit Airlines' "Upgrade Anytime" program. This unique feature lets you bid for an upgrade, starting with a minimum bid. Simply visit their website or use their mobile app to place your bid. If you win the bid, you'll get a notification and an upgraded Big Front Seat, adding a fun twist to your journey.

Taking Advantage of the Free Spirit Elite Program

Do you like flying with Spirit Airlines a lot? They have a special program called Free Spirit Elite that gives you cool rewards if you fly with them often. You can get free upgrades to really comfy seats at the front of the plane, and you get to check in and board the plane faster. It's a great deal if you fly with Spirit Airlines a bunch!

And there's more! Spirit Airlines also has something called the Mileage Plan, which is part of their Free Spirit program. When you fly with them, you earn special miles, kind of like points. You can use these miles to get better seats.

If you save up enough miles, you can even get a super comfy Big Front Seat on certain flights. If you want to learn more about using your miles to get better seats, just go to the Spirit Airlines website. It has all the info you need!

How to Upgrading with Miles on Partner Airlines:

Spirit Airlines doesn't just stop at its own mileage plan; they've formed partnerships with other airlines too. This partnership can be advantageous for you because it means your Spirit Airlines miles might work for upgrading your seats on these partner airlines as well. However, remember that each partner airline has its own terms and conditions, and the ease of use of upgrades can differ based on their policies.

Booking a Premium Economy Fare:

If you want to start your travel experience on a higher note, think about reserving a premium economy fare on Spirit Airlines. Premium economy fares come with extra perks like more leg space, wider seats, and other premium facilities. While they might cost a bit more than standard fares, they promise a significantly cozier journey, making them an ideal choice for travellers who prioritize coziness and ease.

Exploring Additional Ways to Elevate Your Spirit Airlines Journey:

  1. Early Booking Advantage: One often-looked method for securing a comfier seat is by booking your flight well in advance. Spirit Airlines usually offers better seat ease of use and lower upgrade prices for those who plan ahead. So, if you're a smart traveller, consider booking your tickets early to have access to the best seat options.
  2. Keep an Eye on Offers and Sales: Spirit Airlines frequently runs offers and sales that can cut your costs on seat upgrades. Stay tune by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media. You might just score an incredible deal on that coveted Big Front Seat!

Maximizing Your In-Flight Comfort:

It's time to maximise your onboard comfort now that you've got your upgraded seat in place:

  1. Pack the necessary travel items, such as a neck cushion, an eye mask, and noise-cancelling headphones. Whether you're in a Big Front Seat or a Standard Seat, these little items can greatly improve your level of comfort.
  2. Hydration and Smart Snacking: Staying hydrated is important for feeling your best during your flight. Drink water and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol. Pack some healthy snacks to keep your energy up and hunger in check.

Additional Tips for a Comfortable Journey:

Dress Comfortable: Choose clothing that allows for ease of movement and layering. Airplane temperatures can vary, so wearing layers ensures you can adapt to your coziness level.

Stretch and Move: Even in a comfortable seat, it's important to stretch and move around periodically. Simple in-seat exercises, like ankle rolls and shoulder shrugs, can help reduce tension.

Entertainment: Fill your devices with movies, TV shows, or books to keep yourself entertained during the flight. In-flight fun is often available on Spirit Airlines, so you may watch a film or two.

Rest and Relax: Try adapting your schedule to meet the new time zone by napping if you're travelling a long distance and arrive at your destination at night. Your ability to sleep well can be significantly improved by an inflated travel cushion.

Be Thoughtful of Others: Keep in mind that other passengers share your cabin. Use headphones while viewing or listening to something loud, keep your volume down, and be respectful of people around you.


Remember that your comfort is in your hands as you set out on your search for a easier Spirit Airlines experience. By exploring seat upgrade options, making the most of loyalty programs, and adopting in-flight comfort strategies, you can ensure that every flight with Spirit Airlines is a memorable and comfortable adventure.


Simply navigate to the My Trips tab and follow the prompts to access your reservation. If you access your reservation more than 24 hours before departure, click the Add or Modify Seats option and fill out the form.
Upgrades can cost anywhere from $12 to $250, according to Spirit's website, which is an extremely broad range. They are available for reservation both during and after the booking.
Can I modify a Spirit Seat after booking? Yes, Spirit Airlines lets you upgrade your seats after you book your flight. Upgrades allow you to ride in seats that are more spacious, comfy, and feature-rich.
Spirit Airlines' Seat Assignment, Alternatively, you can select your seats separately as a trip add-on during the booking process or at any time thereafter, including check-in.
If the seat is available, the traveler will pay for the upgrade during the trip." So, while you shouldn't expect a free upgrade on a flight, you can still request one from booking to boarding — and you might be able to pay for a far more comfortable seat.
The answer is not straightforward. It is determined by a variety of criteria, including flight, route, time of year, and seat availability. In some cases, changing at the airport may be a cheaper way to take advantage of perks despite paying the whole ticket.