Is It Worth It to Get the Spirit Airlines Credit Card?

Is It Worth It to Get the Spirit Airlines Credit Card

Do you have a Spirit Airlines credit card? Are you willing to purchase one? Spirit Airlines credit card is the MasterCard that offers various bonuses. Spirit Airlines offers mastercards through which you can many bonuses. The card offers welcome bonuses in two parts. The card has other perks such as points. The Spirit Airlines Mastercard offers points that you have to earn to get amazing rewards. Many travelers of Spirit Airlines are curious to know if the credit card is a worthwhile purchase or if it's just a waste of money. In this article we will give you full insight about the credit cards of Spirit Airlines. Spirit Booking is fun with credit cards as it gives you extra rewards.

What is Spirit Airlines Welcome bonus?

The spirit airlines bonus is bonus that are offered by the company to provide some extra benefits. The MasterCard of Spirit Airlines offers welcome bonuses. There are two welcome bonuses that are offered by the Spirit Airlines Mastercard. The welcome bonus of Spirit Airlines can be unlocked within 90 days from the day you open the account. The welcome bonus can be unlocked if you proceed with it within 90 days of your account opening but if the time exceeds you may face the problem. To unlock the bonus users, have to spend $1000. So after spending this, you will get two welcome bonuses that are discussed below:

  1. 60,000 Bonus: With a 60,000 bonus you can get more airfare.
  2. $100 Voucher: This is a companion voucher that can be used on the Spirit Airlines website. This voucher can be used for your companion. You can use this voucher for a companion whose ticket is booked at the same time.

What are Spirit Airlines Mastercard points?

The points in spirit airlines are points that will give you rewards for collecting them. There is a reward structure for Spirit Airlines Mastercard points. In this section, you have to earn points by making different purchases. The MasterCard points details are mentioned below in an elaborate way:

The above points elaborate on how you earn the points in Spirit Airlines Mastercard. You can earn points by making different types of purchases. You will earn more points if you purchase any Spirit items. You can also, quite a good amount of coins if you purchase grocery items. It is a good idea to purchase your grocery items through Spirit Airlines Mastercards as it will help you in earning points. You will get 1x point on any other item than grocery, dining, or Spirit Airlines. These points have various benefits no redemption fees, 25% discount on inflight beverages and food purchases etc.

Are Spirit Airlines credit cards worth it?

Now, the most important question arises Is credit cards worth it or not? We researched the usage of credit cards. Many users have different opinions about it. Several users find Spirit Airlines credit card bonuses more useful than the points. The Spirit Airlines cards are worth buying if you use more bonuses than points. The 60,000 bonus is very useful for travelers as you get a lot of travel on Spirit.

Spending $5000 per year on a card to get a $100 companion would be worth your money and time. The card has some more benefits such as early boarding, discount on in-flight purchase, fee waiver and points pooling. There are a lot more benefits of purchasing these cards. The cards are super useful for those who frequently travel on Spirit Airlines. The card will help them to save a lot in Spirit Airlines travel. However, if you don't travel in Spirit Airlines then this card will be of no use for you. The card will also help you in Spirit Flight Booking as you will see a lot of benefits in your flights.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the Spirit Airlines credit cards are worth to buy if you look at the welcome bonus side. The welcome bonus provided by the Spirit Airlines are quite attractive. If you consider the points, then you may not find them much aspirational. Our research from the users suggests that the Credit Card of Spirit Airlines are worth to buy if you use welcome bonuses.