Spirit Airlines A320 Seating Chart (32A/32N) Aircraft Information

Here is a guide to choose the seats on Spirit Airplane. Convenience and Comfort are the key factors. This article is for the passengers. Who are flying with on the A320 aircraft. Understand the seating chart. And it will help make your journey more enjoyable.

In this article, we will explore the seating chart. About the Spirit Airlines A320 (32A/32N) aircraft. We will provide all the insights. Into the different seat options available.


What is the Seating Chart of A320 (32A/32N) Aircraft?

The A320 (32A/32N) is a narrow-body aircraft. It can only accommodate up to 182 passengers. The seating configuration is such that it consists of 30 rows. It is in a 3-3 layout. The seats are divided into three sections:

Spirit Airlines Seating Chart of A320 (32A/32N) Information:

Note: This is to bring to your attention. That Spirit Airlines’ A320 (32A/32N) aircraft does not have any reclining seats.

Is Wheelchair Accessible in A320 (32A/32N) aircraft?

Yes, they offer the lavatories to access the Wheelchair.


Q1. Where to see the seating chart of A320 Seating Chart?

A1. Passenger can look at the seating map on the spirit airline’s website. During booking their tickets.

Q2. What is the seating capacity of A320 aircraft?

A2. A320 aircraft can accommodate182 passengers.

Q3. What Does the Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 Seating Chart Show?

A3. There are 180 seating chairs on this aero plane, all of which are in economy class. Three restrooms are located aboard the aero plane-two at the back and one in the front. Seats in rows 1, 12, and 13 have more legroom. The spaces between rows 12 and 13 are adjacent to the evacuation routes.

Summing Up

We have described all the details of A320 aircraft. The seating chart and its bifurcation is explained. The aircraft’s capacity and legroom details are also mentioned. Read this article. And understand the details of A320 (32A/32N) aircraft better.