How can I get in touch with Spirit Airlines Lost & Found?

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found

Luggage lost in the confusion of departure is common and creates a barrier to the amazing harmony of travel. It reveals the vulnerability of traveler's preparations, and they worry about it until the lost item finds its way home. So, thanks to the airport lost and found department, which is a heaven for the misplaced luggage. Spirit Airlines Lost and Found service has many tales of separation and reunion. Travelers can rest assured of receiving their misplaced items back.

What should anyone do if they find themselves in a lost luggage situation on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has a separate department for travelers who have lost their luggage during their journey. Contacting Spirit agents at the baggage claim area is a wise decision once you get to know if you have misplaced luggage. If you cannot find anyone there, you can ask about them at the airport check-in counter. But, one thing to keep in mind is that agents can better assist travelers if they report the lost belongings within the:

Have you checked the possible location where you lost the belongings?

Before involving yourself in the lost and found reports and complaints process, be patient and check the locations like:

If you have checked all the possible locations and still cannot find the bag, it is time to report to the Airline.

How can you contact Spirit Airlines for the missing luggage?

The airport's lost and found is a place where hope hovers like a shining light for the one who lost their luggage. Spirit Airlines lost and found department takes responsibility for lost baggage. If you forgot the unchecked Checked luggage on the aircraft, gate area, and ticket counter, reporting online will help. But, if you have misplaced it in another part of the airport, you can seek assistance from the lost and found office. You can report the incident to the department in different ways.

Contact with the Spirit Airport agents:

As discussed before, Spirit agents can help you locate the misplaced items at the airport. You need to tell them the details of what you have lost. If they are also unable to identify the item, agents will help you with the missing items complaints.

File a Report:

Thanks to the online lost and found portal of Spirit Airlines. You can always report the lost item, and after that, it is their responsibility to reunite it with you. Travelers can choose from multiple options available. Either they can report an item left onboard, or they can check the update of the lost item if travelers have already reported it.

Please check the following details that will help you while reporting the lost item.

Item Information:

Item information includes Item Type, Date of loss, pattern of your item, and Tracking device ID (if any). Apart from this, there is a text box where you can describe the lost item. Moreover, travelers can also upload images/files up to 5 MB in size.

Contact Information:

You need to enter contact information, including first name, last name, email address, contact number, country, city, Zip code, and State.


The flight information from where you board and arrive, plus the flight number (optional), is also needed.

Contact Spirit Airlines Lost and Found on Phone Call:

How did Spirit Airlines Compensate for a Lost Baggage?

Spirit Airlines has a facility to reimburse travellers for their lost luggage and items inside it. For both domestic and international flights, the liability amount is different, and a maximum parameter is set. But the exact amount depends on the claim.

The maximum liability covered under the Montreal or Warsaw Conventions for a lost bag is USD 3,800 for domestic flights. At the same time, for foreign flights, it is SDR 1,288 (calculated about USD 1,731). In addition, the claim person will receive a refund for the checked luggage expenses they paid.

In addition to this, the lost luggage owner may also file a claim for reasonable temporary expenditures incurred as a result of the delay. Personal expenses such as clothes and hygiene products that were generated as a result of the delay will also be included in the interim expenses. Moreover, Spirit Airlines may need an original receipt of the items that you claimed in the lost bag for proof. While making the payment for the compensation, Spirit may need the things back for the recompense. If your bag is determined as lost, the refund that you have received will be deducted from the total compensation.

How can one avoid such situations?

Lost and Found situations are the worst-case scenario, and there are Spirit agents to handle such situations and guide you. However, there are things that everyone can follow to avoid falling into such circumstances.


After their flight with Spirit Airlines, customers can use the airline's lost and found program to locate any missing or misplaced belongings. The airline's assistance in locating lost luggage or items is determined by policy. Verify whether the lost things are missing or delayed before filing a claim.
Before you leave the airport, please let a customer service agent know if you realize you left something on the plane so they can try to get it back for you. Kindly submit a missing and found report if you have departed from the airport. For more information on the lost and found procedure.
When a passenger leaves something left at the airport checkpoint, the TSA tries its hardest to get them back. Items that are reported lost or recovered and held by TSA for no less than of thirty (30) days are either destroyed. Given to a state agency as surplus belongings, or auctioned by TSA as extra property if they are not claimed.
Airlines: Get in touch with your airline if you've left anything on an airplane or if your baggage has been delayed or missing. Handlers of bags: Your airline may assign ground handling to handle misplaced, postponed, or damaged baggage.
Present the agent with your boarding pass and provide as much detail as you can regarding what you left behind and where (in the seatback pocket, behind the seat, etc.).” The easiest approach to get your lost item back is through gate agents. Who can get in touch with flight attendants or the cleaning team if they're still on the aircraft.


Situations can go unplanned way, and sometimes unexpected things can happen. Losing luggage while on a journey is worrisome. But, not when you are with Spirit Airlines. Getting luggage back is the last hope of traveler, and Spirit Airlines is there to help their customers at every step of this journey.

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