What is the Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines?

What is the Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has achieved a greater status in the aviation industry by offering economical flight tickets. Users must understand different policies if they plan to purchase spirit airline tickets. Right now, we are talking about Spirit Airline Baggage policy.

You must understand that Spirit Airlines doesn’t permit any checked and carry-on bags at basic fares. Baggage fees are also likely to hike as the flight leaving dates come nearer. What should a consumer do to pay a minimal baggage fee?

What Personal Item I Can Carry With No Charges

Users can bring personal items such as tiny backpacks or purses that must not surpass 45x30x30 cm dimensions handles, and tires are included. In case you have brought any extra personal items, it is necessary to make payment for their charges.

Carry-on Bag

Checked Bag

What does Spirit Airlines' carry-on baggage policies and regulations?

Spirit Airlines carry-on rules and criteria state that customers may bring one personal item without incurring a fee or tax. A laptop, musical instrument, backpack, handbag, camera, or other personal object can be used.

Spirit Airlines luggage size/dimensions and carry-on weight limit

Also, because the bulkhead seats lack under-seat storage, customers will have to keep all carry-on luggage in the overhead bin throughout the flight's take-off and landing.

Excess baggage or Additional

Baggage category Max Weight Fee Max Size (L+W+H)
Pre-booked carry-on $26-$55 10"x18"x22"
Gate check baggage fee $65 62"
First checked bag 40lbs $21-$50 80"
Second checked bag 40lbs $31-$60 80"
Third - fifth checked bag 40lbs $76-$100 80"
Overweight bag 41-100lbs $75 80"
Oversized bag 40lbs $100 63-80"
Oversized bag if 40lbs $150 80"+

What is Check-in Baggage rules and limitations for Spirit Airlines?

The Spirit Airlines check in baggage rules and requirements specify that you can bring two bags as checked baggage and a maximum of five bags (foreign travel limitations apply; consult the Spirit Airlines official website for further information).

Spirit Airlines enforced baggage weight and size/dimensions restrictions.

How much Oversize baggage charges on Spirit Airlines?

The spirit airlines oversize baggage tax is $100 USD for luggage measuring 158 to 203 centimetres (63 to 80 linear inches) and $150 USD for bags from 203 to 406 centimetres (80 to 160 linear inches). Spirit Airlines will not accept any luggage larger than 406 centimetres or 160 linear inches.

By reading the preceding article, you should have gotten a thorough understanding of Spirit Airlines' luggage policy. However, if you have any further questions or concerns, you can call the Spirit Airlines baggage contact number.

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