Does spirit airlines have business class?


Spirit airlines don't have business class section but there is a concept of big front seats that are in the front of airplane. These big front seats are wider and offer more comfort as compared to the normal ones. Hence you can upgrade to them if needed.

What Is the Big Front Seat, and How Does It Elevate Your Journey?

The "Big Front Seat" is Spirit Airlines' answer to traditional business class. It provides passengers with a premium seating option designed to deliver elevated comfort without the hefty price tag. Here's what sets it apart:

  1. Spacious and Comfortable: Big front seats are the best seats while you are travelling in the airplane. Front seats are in the first row due to which you will get space for arms to rest. You will surely find this journey more comfortable in these big seats then the regular economy ones.
  2. Domestic First-Class Experience: If you travelling on spirit airlines within the United States then you can choose the big front seats as they are a good option for domestic flights. They resemble the business class seats on other airlines in the U.S that operates domestic flights. However, they may not be as luxurious or offer the same premium services you'd find in international business class cabins.
  3. Affordable Upgrade: Travelers have the freedom to upgrade to the Big Front Seat for a supplementary fee. The exact cost of this upgrade can vary based on your specific route and seat availability. The exact cost of the upgrade is totally depending on your route and seat availability. But, unlike the high fares of the business class this upgrade come at much lower price point with the same comfort and enjoyability.

How Does Spirit Airlines Differ from Traditional Business Class?

Spirit Airlines have a different way that makes it different from traditional business class offerings. You can see the following to know them:

Can You Find a Balance Between Comfort and Affordability with Spirit Airlines

Spirit airlines provide you with a good travelling experience as the flights are comfortable and also in your budget.


You can choose big front seats while travelling by spirit airlines. The seats are specially designed to make your journey smooth with spirit airlines. Whenever you plan to book the business class seats on spirit airlines then don't forget the big front seat. These seats are cosy and the cost is also not more when compared to the traditional fares of business class. Spirit airlines are committed to make passengers happy by taking care of their comfort so that you can enjoy while travelling.