Does Spirit Airlines Have wifi?

Does Spirit Airlines Have wifi?

Are you a frequent traveller of Spirit Airlines? Do you know about wifi policy of Spirit Airlines? Spirit airlines are most affordable airlines for everyone to travel. Not every airline provides wifi facility to the passengers. Spirit Airlines is one of the prominent airlines that offers the latest technology to access wifi while travelling in the airplane. The flight has first class technology through which you can access the wifi and enjoy talking your loved ones in flight. In this article we will discuss all the details about spirit airlines wifi. The post will guide you about everything you need to know to access the fast wifi service in flight.

Is wifi facility available on spirit airlines flight?

You might have seen wifi facilities in many airports. But have you tried the new wifi technology while you are flying? Earlier there were no wifi facilities in the flights but now as the technology is emerging in various sectors, the flights have also provided wifi facilities to their passengers. Many airlines have adopted the wifi facility in the flights whereas many airlines haven't. If you are a regular traveller of Spirit Airlines, then you must be happy to know that spirit airlines provide wifi facilities to the passengers.

The spirit airlines provide wifi to stay connected to your family and friends. You can play games, enjoy your favorite music, watch films or do whatever you want to do in your mobile phone. The wifi facility by the spirit airlines can be accessed by purchasing it as soon as you enter the flight. You can also pre purchase the plan at the time of booking.

How to connect wifi on board?

The wifi facility provided by the spirit airlines are only possible with the help of state of the art satellite. The satellite makes it easy for the passengers to connect with the wifi. As soon as you enter the flight you can connect your phone with wifi. The spirit airlines offer gate to gate connectivity it means as soon as you enter the flight you would be able to connect your phone with the wifi. To know how to connect the wifi in flight read the following steps keenly:

  1. Aeroplane mode: Once you enter your flight, you have to put your phone into airoplane mode. You have to enable the aroplane mode of your device by going to device setting.
  2. Turn on Wifi: Now you have to turn on the wifi of your device. After turning on the wifi you have to find “Spirit_Wifi" to join the network. Click on Spirit WIFI. If you are unable to find the spirit wifi then you can directly scan the QR code. You can find the QR code in your seat, tray table or your sips+ snack menu. You can open the wifi and scan the QR code.
  3. Spirit website: As soon as you scan the QR code, the website will appear. If the website, do not appear you can directly browse it on your browser.
  4. Choose plan: Now you have to choose the plan for your wifi. You can choose the appropriate plan for your wifi. Now after selecting the plan you want for your device, you have to make the payment. You can also enter the voucher code if you have any. After making payment for your wifi, you will be connected to the wifi.

How to Pre purchase the wifi?

If you want to connect the wifi as soon as you step in the flight or if you don't want to follow all the procedures given in the above paragraphs, then you can pre purchase the wifi. To pre purchase the wifi you need to purchase it at the time of booking ticket. When you book a ticket, a wifi symbol will appear. You can click on the wifi to purchase it.

Where do the spirit airlines wifi work?

The spirit airlines wifi works where you fly with the airlines. The wifi works in the United States, the Carribbean and Latin America. You can access the wifi in any place where spirit airlines work through the US. You can also use the wifi in areas of Latin America as well as Carribbean. You can connect to the flight wifi in all the states of US where the flight works.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, we hope you understood all the process appropriately. The spirit airlines provide wifi services to its passengers. You can purchase the wifi at the time of booking or you can also purchase it as soon as you enter your flight. The steps to connect the wifi facility are given in this post. The wifi is not free in spirit airlines, you have to make payment according to the wifi plan you are choosing.