How to Take a Pet on a Spirit Airlines Flight?


It is useless to argue that pet lovers love to travel with their beloved domesticated animals. People mostly travel with their dogs or cats. Here is good news for you. Now, even you can travel with your pets effortlessly with Spirit bookings. Thus, Spirit Airlines offers the most pet-friendly atmosphere for you. But you have to adhere to specific guidelines if you are willing to travel with your favourite domesticated pet. Like most flights, even Spirit charges certain travel costs for the pets.

Know the Pet Policy of Spirit Airlines

The Spirit Airlines pet-friendly flight policy states that you can travel with your pets to any location with domestic flights. But international flights don't offer a pet policy. Thus, you need to choose your flights cautiously to avail yourself of the pet-friendly policy of Spirits. Also, the pet carried can only travel in a separate cabin and cargo. Thus, Spirit Airlines allows only tiny domesticated animals that are easy to carry and fit under your seats.

Permitted Pets in Spirit Airlines

You should know that while traveling with Spirit, you cannot carry any random pets on board. Some of the domesticated pets that are allowed in Spirit Airlines are:-

Also, it is essential to note that Spirit doesn't allow rabbits and birds to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Several animals are not permitted on Spirit Airlines.

They are:-

What are the Easy Procedure to Take Service Pet on Spirit Flights?

The rules differ for those willing to travel with a service animal. Only dogs are allowed as licensed service animals to travel on Spirit Airlines. But before traveling with your service animal, you must fill up the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Transportation Form. Also, after filling up the form, submit it within 48 hours before your flight.

Also, the case may arise that your request may not be approved; in such a situation, Spirit will help you reapply for your pet. In case you are traveling with two pet dogs, then make sure to fill up two separate forms. After reaching the plane, your pet must sit on your lap or under your designated seat. Note that Spirit doesn't offer emotional support to any service animals as emotional support is provided to the pet animals.

What are the Rules & Regulations to Follow with Pets on Spirit Airlines?

Like every airline, even Spirit provides specific guidelines in case you are traveling with your pets. The pet owners must follow these rules to maintain discipline and peace on the flight.


So, you are most welcome to apply for the Spirit Airlines pet policy. Also, adhere to the mentioned guidelines to get the most hassle-free experience with Spirits. Now, you can travel with your pets at a very minimal cost compared to the charges offered by other flights.