Details About Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Are you travelling with a pet? Flying with pets can be a delightful experience. It frequently necessitates considerable preparation and thought. It is crucial to be aware of the pet policies of the airline. Are you are considering traveling with your pet? This post will go over Spirit Airlines' pet policy. We will give you all the details. Because, we want to make sure. That you and your pet have a stress-free and easy trip.

Read the article provided. And go through all the points. To understand the pet policies of the Spirit Airlines.

What Are Spirit Airlines Pet Policy?

Spirit Airlines is pet-friendly, and they allow only small dogs, cats and birds to fly inside the airplane with their owners on specific flights.

Which animals are not allowed?

The list of animals not allowed on the spirit Airlines’ domestic flights are as follows:

All You Need to Know While Traveling with Your Furry Friends

What is the Price Policy for Pet?

Spirit Airlines charges $110 for all the domestic flights. This is the only fee for pet travel. And it will be applicable upon everyone, travelling with their pets.

Here are few rules. That will ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. Your pet must remain inside their carrier. For the duration of the flight. Here are those rules:

  1. Health and documentation: It is critical to check your pet's health. And get it documented before booking a flight with Spirit Airlines. A health certificate provided by a medical professional within a specific amount of time prior to your travel can be necessary.
  2. Number of Pets: The maximum pets allowed on a flight is 2. As per the Spirit Airlines. Only one pet is allowed per guest.
  3. Pet Carrier Requirements: Your beloved pet must be transported in a carrier. That complies with Spirit Airlines' requirements. And has been certified by the airline. The carrier needs to be secure, and well-ventilated. As well as leak-proof. Additionally, it needs to have enough room. For your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down.
  4. Restrictions on Pets: While both cats and dogs are permitted as in-cabin pets. There are some restrictions on the breeds of dogs. Pit bulls and pit bull hybrids are not permitted. Keep all these points in mind while travelling with you pets.
  5. International Travel: If you are planning to travel internationally with your pet. And booking tickets with Spirit Airlines. They do not allow pets in international carriers.
  6. Emotional Support Animals: Spirit Airlines has special policies. Regarding the transportation of emotional support animals (ESAs). Passengers are required to present the proper documentation. As well as adhere to all ESA regulations. Made by the airline. If you want specific details on traveling with an ESA. It is best to get in touch with Spirit Airlines directly.
  7. Additional Considerations: Please note that not every Spirit Airlines flight is pet-friendly. There might be limitations on some flights. Because of the kind of aircraft or other issues. Therefore, it is imperative to confirm pet-friendly flight availability. Before finalizing your vacation plans.

Are there any exceptions to international flights’ pet policy?

Yes, only service animal is allowed on the international flights.

Summing Up

Read the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy here. The best method to get the most recent and correct information. About the Spirit Airlines' pet policy is to call them directly. Or visit their official website. If you check properly about the rules and regulations before travelling, then you can have a happy trip with your pet that's comforting and have fun. This will make your trip easier and less stressful.


Spirit Airlines permits just dogs and cats, along with mental assistance customer service, and home birds as pets on its airplanes.
Yes, you may take your pet on an airplane. To fly accompanied your pet in a cabin or cargo, they must meet the necessary conditions.
Pets may travel in the cargo hold, subject to available room allocation and Spirit Airlines' rules.
Pets in the baggage hold may exceed as much as one hundred pounds, including their transport device.
Pet carriers may fit up to two small pets while guaranteeing their security and convenience.
The ideal pet carrier for Spirit Airlines should be leak-proof and well-ventilated on two sides.
You can add your pet to the flight in two ways: online and offline. Follow every rule when traveling with your pet to guarantee a smooth trip.
When traveling with your pet, you must produce a health certificate issued within ten days, and any other required documents, such as vaccination certificates or importation permits.
Pet travel can be requested online during the booking process or offline by calling Spirit Airlines Reservations.
Yes, they are allowed on this airline. You must review the criteria before submitting a request to travel with your ESA.
It aggressively enforces its pet carrier restrictions. Follow Spirit's standards for pet carriers, including size, weight, and type, before flying with them.
Actually, it is pet-friendly. Pets may fly in the overhead compartment or as checked baggage, depending on rules and costs.