Spirit Airlines' Free Spirit Frequent Flyer Program Guide

Spirit Airlines' Free Spirit Frequent Flyer Program Guide

Spirit Airlines flyer program is one of the few low-cost airlines that offers a full-service reward programme. The Free Spirit programme, as expected, is not part of a major alliance, therefore redemptions are limited to flights on the carrier or select non-flying partners. In 2021, the programme was updated with new status tiers, redemption rates, and a subscription service for miles redemptions.

The Spirit Airline loyalty program's benefits are mostly determined by how frequently you travel the carrier, which is made easier if you live near one of its hub airports. With no separate business class (the Big Front Seat is an add-on rather than a separate cabin), you can't use frequent flyer points to upgrade, and with only a few foreign destinations, your best shot is a domestic flight. However, once you attain elite rank, the programme offers some fantastic benefits.

The advantages and disadvantages

As with any programme, Free Spirit has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the advantages:

However, there are several significant drawbacks to the Free Spirit.

How Do I Earn Free Spirit Silver and Gold Status?

To unlock the perks, you'll need to earn Status Qualifying Points (SQPs) within a calendar year. Achieve 2,000 SQPs for Free Spirit Silver Status and 5,000 SQPs for Free Spirit Gold Status.

What are the Benefits of Free Spirit Silver?

As a Free Spirit Silver member, you'll enjoy benefits like earning 8 times per dollar on fares and 16 times per dollar on ancillary purchases. Here's a quick look at the advantages:

What Can I Expect as a Free Spirit Gold Member?

For Free Spirit Gold members, the rewards go even further. Earn 10 times per dollar on airfares and 20 times per dollar on ancillary purchases. Additional perks include:

Now that you know the ins and outs, embark on your Free Spirit journey, earning and redeeming rewards with each exciting flight!

Given all of this, read on to learn how to earn and spend points, the program's hidden bonuses, and how to achieve elite rank!

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