Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy Information Guide

A Quick Guide Spirit Airlines Car Seat Policy

We all love to travel with our children, especially if it's a holiday tour. However, the primary concern about traveling is to find the best Flight partners who are friendly with children and allow their additional stuff. Spirits offers some cost-free travel options for your children. You can also get your child's car seat or stroller while traveling with Spirit.

What is Spirit Airline Car Seat Policy?

How to get the Spirit Car Seat on a Plane?

How to Book Car Seat Flight Tickets on Spirit Airlines?

You can easily book the Spirits Flight through the following steps:-

Traveling with Children in Spirit Airlines

Does Spirit offer a free Car seat or Stroller on the Plane?

Traveling with children can be fun and hectic on some airlines. But Spirit Airlines tries to make your journey throughout, even with your child. Spirit allows child car seats and strollers with no extra charges. However, you may need to book your child's seat on Spirit.

Rules for Spirit Airline Car Seat Policy

Know the Seat Size on Spirit Airlines

Necessary Things to Note While Travelling


Spirits Airlines has definitely made traveling with children so much more hassle-free. Now, you don’t need to worry about traveling when you are specially with your child. Thus, you can rely on Spirit flights for all your family trips without any doubt. So, get the best arrangements for your child at no extra cost through Spirit Airlines.


Ans. You can take your FAA-approved child restraint system car seat or FAA-approved Child Harness Device (CARES) on the plane.

Ans. No, Spirits happily allows one car seat and one stroller for a child without cost. However, the passenger must know the size of the weight stroller, which is permitted on the plane.

Ans. You should follow the below rules to get Spirit Airlines Car Seat:-

  • Spirit allows only one car seat per child passenger.
  • The car seat should be FAA-approved and manufactured before 26th Feb, 1985.
  • Only CARES and FAA-approved car seats are allowed.

Ans. You can take the car seat in a checked bag or carry-on luggage. You should review the item’s size and weight to carry it as a carry-on or a checked-bag item.

Ans. If your car seat is of narrow size, then you can approve the car seat. The car seat should be a manageable size to fit a standard chair.